Thursday, November 22, 2012


It's Thanksgiving, and I am, in my way, thankful. I'm thankful I got to watch my daughter in a performance of Guys and Dolls this past weekend, and immensely thankful for the sound of her voice. I'm thankful I did some good writing the last ten days. I'm thankful I was up on a ladder swinging a paintbrush the last couple days. I'm thankful for the remarkable array of great and true friends who surround me. I'm thankful that I have clean socks -- lots and lots of clean socks. I'm thankful for the last dozen books I read. I'm thankful that I have enough money in my pocket right now to go get a cup of coffee. I'm thankful that I'll never have to see Bobby Valentine in a Red Sox uniform again. I'm thankful that there is such a thing as gravy, and that it frequently flows with abundance. More than anything else, though, I'm thankful that today isn't November 22, 2010, and furthermore I'm thankful I wrote about that day and to some extent did it justice. See below. Happy Thanksgiving.

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